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 全校朝会 実習生の紹介






1.My most satisfying success this past week has been the confidence other teachers are starting to have in me.  The reason I say this is because at first they would not ask me to help in many of the classes when I would observe, nor would they ask me if something was correct or proper in English (on a worksheet they were making or when writing on the board in the class).  Now they are starting to do so (not for everything, but for more difficult issues).  I am not happy about this because I want to feel superior over the other teachers.  This is very exciting and thrilling to me since it tells me that some of the teachers are starting to see me as a reliable source rather than just another body in the school.  I also go to them with questions I have about Japanese so they can help me learn about their language as well.  It has really meant a lot to actually see teachers start seeing me as a help rather than a hindrance.  Please keep in mind that I am not used to teaching, so to me this was a big step.



2 I have started getting involved in the student clubs this week.  It took 1 week to get “approved” to even observe the clubs, but now I have started getting more involved with the student body by participating in their club activities.  Since I have arrived at the school, I have felt a great hesitancy in the students to approach me.  It is not because they don’t want to learn English.  In fact, from what the teachers are telling me, many of them want to approach me.  It is difficult to approach when there is no common ground by which to identify with.  I have now been given permission to observe/participate in the kendo, English speaking, Japanese classical music, tea ceremony, shogi and go, gymnastics, archery, and hyakuten-isshu clubs.  After attending the Kendo club yesterday, a student came up to me (that I had not met before) and tried really hard to thank me for practicing with them.  I was very touched by the effort that student gave.  I want to do more in this school to become more involved with the students and I am still looking for more ways to do so.