Here we show you how to cook zoni.  This is the most typical dish with mochi we eat during the New Year Holidays.  Though there are various recipes of zoni, this is a basic one in the western part of the main island (Honshu).


E        mochi

E        mizuna (spinach if you donft get mizuna)

E        carrot

E        shiitake  mushroom

E        chicken

E        kombu@

E        soy  sauce  ( and  other  seasonings )

You can imagine how colorful zoni will be with the ingredients!


@Cut mizuna, carrots ,shiitake mushrooms and chicken.

  Slice carrots to boil it soon.

APut water and kombu into the pan and, boil it until it boils. 

Take kombu out of the pan then you can get soup stock..

BPut chicken, shiitake mushrooms, carrots and mizuna into the soup and boil it

until carrots become soft enough..

CBoil mochi in another pan until it becomes soft.

DFinally, put the mochi and soup into a container


    Thatfs all !