@Students' Association


@ All the students belong to Gaku Yuu KaiiStudents AssociationjDThey have two marvelous events|Taiiku SaiiGround Game Eventjand Gaku Yuu saiiSchool FestivaljCwhich are successfully planned and put into practice by themselvesD

@As for Taiiku|SaiCTaiiku|Sai Committee that consists of teachers and leader students is organizedDAt the meeting of the committeeCboth teachers and leader students are treated as the members of the committeeCthat isCthere is no special relation like teachers|studentsCor elder|youngerD

@Out of the committee meetingCteachers are only supporters or advisersD

@As for Gaku Yuu SaiCspecial committee like Taiiku|Sai Committee is not organizedDThe festival is planned and arranged by the staff office of the StudentsfAssociationDBut each event or performance is planned and put into practice by the studentsDIn this caseCteachers are only supporters or advisersD

@We are very proud of these successful positive activities by the studentsDStudents will develop their talent through these experiencesD




 Taiiku Sai


Gaku Yuu Sai